Keep it Rolling: Meet SANY’s Single-Drum Roller Family

Innovation, efficiency and user-friendly design drive progress in the construction industry. With this in mind, our line of single-drum rollers encompasses all that and much, much more. The SSR80, SSR120HT and SSR120C-8 all have unbeatable operational benefits and high-end features that are ideal for both operators and business owners.

The beauty of SANY’s single-drum rollers lies in their intuitiveness. Designed with simplicity at their core, anyone can use them easily thanks to their user-friendly approach. These rollers complete jobs quickly and efficiently, using their superior centrifugal force and ground clearance to ensure higher adaptability and deliver enhanced mobility on the job site. And, of course, they’re all backed by our best-in-the-industry 3-year/3,000-hour warranty.

Ready to meet the family? Let’s roll.


If you’re seeking unmatched value and efficiency in road construction, the SSR80 is your answer. With a potent Yanmar engine delivering 69 HP at its heart, this powerhouse ensures you get the most bang for your buck. Whether grading for roads, dams, landfills or residential developments, the SSR80 stands out as a trusted ally. Its straightforward controls use a single-lever console, making it a great option for operators of all skill levels. As with all of SANY’s rollers, the SSR80’s padfoot shell kit allows for easy alternation, while the dual amplitude and frequency only add to its versatility. And it’s limited-slip differential ensures reduced wear and tear as time goes on.

The SSR80’s design really keeps the operator’s comfort in mind, with its steel sun canopy providing protection and a fan to cool down during hot days. The full-color LCD screen offers diagnostics at a glance for swift problem detection and resolution, and the LED work light package is invaluable at nighttime. Operators won’t need to worry about safety, either – the SSR80 is ROPS- and FOPS-certified. Maintenance is also a breeze, and in the rare event of an issue, owners will appreciate our industry-best warranty coverage. The SSR80 isn’t just a piece of equipment – it’s a testament to SANY’s belief in combining quality with user-centric design.


The SSR120HT, powered by a formidable 4.5L Cummins engine with 145 HP, is the next step up in SANY’s roller line. With its 84” drum, it easily adapts on both smooth and grooved terrains, with 60% gradability in the front and 55% at the back for optimal performance on even the most challenging of terrains. And Dana axles utilize limited-slip differential to ensure longevity and minimal wear and tear.

It’s not just about brute strength, though. The SSR120HT offers a variety of features that really showcase SANY’s Fully Loaded is the New Standard™ mantra. Here are just a few: To reduce downtime, major maintenance points are conveniently accessible from the ground; the enclosed cabin offers a sanctuary against external elements with its full-coverage HVAC system; a heated, air-suspension seat ensures operator comfort; and the full-color LCD monitor streamlines tasks and diagnostics. With all these features, SANY’s ethos is clear: Equipment should cater to its users as much as the task it’s designed for.


The SSR120C-8 can’t be beat for efficiency and ease-of-use in the modern construction arena. Its intuitive controls ensure that even newer operators can drive it with a sense of familiarity and ease. Underneath its user-friendly interface lies a powerful 145 HP Cummins engine, giving it the muscle to handle even the most demanding tasks.

Weighing 25,529 lbs. and utilizing an 84” drum, the SSR120C-8 is perfectly calibrated to achieve the desired density targets in road construction. And its 62,947 lbs. of centrifugal force help ensure optimum compaction. Inside the enclosed cab is a heated, air-suspension seat, ensuring maximum comfort during long hours, as well as hot/cold climate controls and even Bluetooth® radio. Overall, the SSR120C-8 stands as a testament to SANY’s commitment to performance, ease and durability.

Beyond their robust specs, top-notch parts and user-friendly designs, SANY’s fleet of single-drum rollers embodies the brand’s promise of quality, power and reliability. As the construction industry continues to develop, SANY’s rollers will undoubtedly remain competitive, busting through benchmarks and flattening the competition.

Interested in getting yourself into a SANY machine? If you’d like to know more about these rollers or SANY’s many other fully loaded machines, contact us here to get the ball rolling.

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