SANY New York, SY16C Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator


15.0 HP, 4,023 lb

Dig Depth - 7' 9"

SANY New York, SY26U Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator


19.6 HP, 6,085 lb

Dig Depth - 9' 3"

SANY New York, SY35U Cab Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator

SY35U Cab

24.4 HP, 8,499 lb

Dig Depth - 10' 2"

SANY New York, SY50U Compact Excavator
Compact Excavator


39.0 HP, 11,684 lb

Dig Depth - 11' 3"

SANY New York, SY60C Compact Excavator
Compact Excavator


56.9 HP, 13,448 lb

Dig Depth - 13' 0"

SANY New York, SY75C Compact Excavator
Compact Excavator


57.7 HP, 16,050 lb

Dig Depth - 14' 7"

SANY New York, SY80U
Compact Excavator


73.0 HP, 19,401 lb

Dig Depth - 14' 10.5"

SANY New York, SY95C Compact Excavator
Compact Excavator


72 HP, 20,238 lb

Dig Depth - 14' 2"

SANY New York, SY135C Compact Excavator
Compact Excavator


103.3 HP, 32,783 lb

Dig Depth - 18' 1"

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