SANY New York, SY16C Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator


15.0 HP, 4,023 lb

Dig Depth - 7' 9"

SANY New York, SY26U Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator


19.6 HP, 6,085 lb

Dig Depth - 9' 3"

SANY New York, SY35U Cab Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator

SY35U Cab

24.4 HP, 8,499 lb

Dig Depth - 10' 2"

SANY New York, SY50U Compact Excavator
Compact Excavator


39.0 HP, 11,684 lb

Dig Depth - 11' 3"

SANY New York, SY60C Compact Excavator
Compact Excavator


56.9 HP, 13,448 lb

Dig Depth - 13' 0"

SANY New York, SY75C Compact Excavator
Compact Excavator


57.7 HP, 16,050 lb

Dig Depth - 14' 7"

SANY New York, SY80U
Compact Excavator


73.0 HP, 19,401 lb

Dig Depth - 14' 10.5"

SANY New York, SY95C Compact Excavator
Compact Excavator


72 HP, 20,238 lb

Dig Depth - 14' 2"

SANY New York, SY135C Compact Excavator
Compact Excavator


103.3 HP, 32,783 lb

Dig Depth - 18' 1"


Friendly Service, Global Quality and Exceptional Value

SANY New York, based out of Lockport, was formed in December of 2019. SANY New York is the exclusive dealership of all SANY equipment serving the 12 counties of Western New York. SANY New York’s owners have been involved in the construction and demolition business for over 20 years and bring that experience to the dealership. Based on that experience the goal of SANY New York’s entire staff is to provide customers with up front transparency, a quality product at a reasonable price, backed by top notch service.

Our Team

Our goal at SANY New York is to create a great sales and service experience that will lead to a long-term relationship with our customers. Our fully trained and experienced staff is here to serve you whether it be sales or service.