Meet the Cranes of SANY

There, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Actually, it’s a crane. Although SANY has largely focused on ground machinery, we’ve been expanding our crane family in the last few years. Whether you need to lift heavy loads on a construction site, haul for heavy infrastructure, or assist with utility or rooftop jobs, our cranes offer unmatched lifting capacities and precise controls. These machines are designed to maximize efficiency, productivity and safety, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and seamlessly. Come with us as we meet the cranes of SANY. We currently offer two types of cranes, crawler and rough terrain.

Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes are built with stability in mind. Rather than tires, they have crawler tracks that allow them to stay low to the ground, enabling longer booms, heavier counterweights and better stability. Rather than solid-section booms, SANY’s crawler cranes have lattice booms that give operators a wider radius and rotation and better range to work in. When using a crawler crane, you have to be cognizant of the ground it will travel on. Because of their tracks, these machines are meant for later stages of construction when the ground is more level. They’re also slow movers – ‘crawl’ is in the name, after all. But while they may not win any races, our crawler cranes still come in first.

SANY’s five crawler crane models boast impressive lifting capacities ranging from 90 to 440 tons. As with every SANY machine, each of our crawler cranes is fully loaded with features that keep safety and operator comfort front-of-mind. That includes cameras, spacious cabs and Load Moment Indicator (LMI) software that keeps operators informed about their machine’s performance while they work. Transportation and setup might be tricky, but with self-assembly jacks and, in the 900’s case, self-retracting crawlers, SANY’s crawler cranes make it a little easier to transport and get to the task at hand.

Rough Terrain Cranes

  • SRA750A
    • Maximum Lift Weight: 75 US Short Tons
  • SRA1000A
    • Maximum Lift Weight: 100 US Short Tons

Just as their name suggests, these cranes are ready to tackle any terrain you throw at them. Why is that? Rather than crawler tracks, rough terrain cranes have tires that allow them the agility to traverse early-stage construction sites and get themselves where they need to go. That maneuverability is paired with exceptional stability that will have any operator feeling safe and secure. That doesn’t mean that versatility is sacrificed, however. With 20-degree tilting cabs, operators will have the flexibility they need. Do they lift the heaviest loads? No, but their maneuverability and versatility cannot be discounted.

The SRA1000A and SRA750A represent our rough terrain crane offerings. They both have four tires and five-section, full-power booms, with LMI navigation that keeps operators safe and informed. Their work light packages and cameras add to that safety. While both models can be transported via truck, the 1000A’s removable counterweight really comes in handy.

We hope this post has taught you a bit more about SANY’s crane models. Naturally, all of our cranes share SANY’s unbeatable 3,000-hour/3-year warranty. They also boast powerful Cummins engines and Tier 1 components that deliver exceptional performance without fail. Whatever your needs, SANY’s cranes span the breadth of sizes, lifting capabilities and uses.

If you’re interested in adding a crane to your heavy machinery collection, contact us, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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