Making the Grade: Meet Our Motor Grader Family

The SANY family of heavy machinery runs the gamut in size and function. No matter their differences, though, there are features within each that show the care and attention SANY brings to each machine it makes. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our motor grader family, featuring the SMG200AWD and the SMG200C-8. While both machines are a testament to SANY’s commitment to delivering efficiency, durability and operator comfort, they cater to different operational needs and environments. We’re going to look at what makes these two models tick, and the unique value each brings to the world of road construction.

SMG200AWD: The All-Terrain Master

Let’s start with the SMG200AWD, which introduces an additional layer of sophistication and adaptability into the grader family. It’s designed for those tricky terrains where more power distribution across all wheels is necessary. Having this all-wheel-drive system means it’s more versatile for different terrains and weather or when traction is paramount, especially in muddy or slippery environments. It’s also a little heavier than its sibling, giving it the heft it needs for added stability.

SMG200C-8: The Versatile Workhorse

The SMG200C-8 grader is the epitome of a well-thought-out machine, balancing functionality with user-centric design. Its expertly crafted to address the unique demands of municipal projects and the rental sector, emphasizing reliability and stellar performance. Its operational simplicity stands out, allowing it to clear ditches and subsequently pave smooth roads effortlessly, and its design offers unparalleled visibility. If your jobs are largely in more controlled environments or standard terrains, the SMG200C-8 will serve you well.

Bringing it Together

Both models, however, share features that speak to SANY’s excellence, including 14’ blades and easy-to-learn joystick controls. The components used in both models – including Cummins, Kawasaki and Danfoss – speak to SANY’s high standards, too. Once inside, their cabins are designed with the operator’s comfort in mind. They both offer a spacious, air-conditioned cab environment, coupled with the latest tech like heated air ride seats and Bluetooth connectivity. A comfortable operator is a productive one, after all. Safety is also a priority, with their open cab designs, rear-view cameras, and rollover and fall certification protection. Throw in an impressive work light package, and you’ll ensure safety on every job site these graders enter.

Worried about maintenance? Don’t be: Both models come with features that reduce the long-term cost of upkeep. For instance, the SHIM-free circle bearing in these graders requires minimal maintenance and has no wear items that need replacement. This strategic engineering ensures that the components are long-lasting and have fewer breakdowns. Then there’s SANY’s support system and vast dealer network, where parts, service and technical support are always within reach to ensure minimal downtime. And, of course, don’t forget the industry-leading 3-year/3,000-hour warranty.

While both the SMG200AWD and SMG200C-8 share the core DNA of durability, comfort and efficiency, they have features that lend themselves to every motor grader application. The SMG200AWD is the champion of challenging terrains, while the SMG200C-8 is the workhorse for municipalities and rental companies. Regardless of your choice, SANY will always deliver quality, reliable machines that are backed with above-and-beyond support and an unbeatable warranty.

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