All Roads Lead to SANY: Meet Our Road Machines

When you think of SANY equipment, motor graders and rollers might not be the first thing you picture in your mind. If you’re like many people in the industry, your first thought might have been ‘excavators,’ and we wouldn’t blame you: SANY’s fully loaded machines are well-known on construction sites across the country. While our heavy machinery might be more visible, that’s not all that we do. Meet our road machines: the SSR1200-C Compaction Roller and the SMG200C-8 Motor Grader. Like every SANY machine, our equipment that’s designed for assisting with roadside projects can’t be beat.

A Road Crew that’s Made for America

Like most SANY equipment, there’s more to our road machines than you might expect. For starters, you can expect a machine Made for America from our facility in Peachtree City, GA.  We are also proud to offer trusted American brands for our parts, including Dada, Cummins, Parker and Kessler. What does this mean? In the unlikely event that your machine needs maintenance work, your parts will be easier to replace and fix, thus minimizing downtime.

Easy-to-Operate Equipment

With SANY, you can expect machines that are easy to operate but practical and effective in getting the job done. And you can expect a lower price tag with the same power, accuracy and reliability that you’ve come to expect from SANY. Your lower overhead all but guarantees a return on your investment.

SANY Compaction Roller SSR1200-C

Our road equipment has all the standard features you expect from SANY, but what about the details? Let’s start with our Compaction Roller. As you would expect, the roller is operated with a steering wheel, allowing operators of all experience levels to operate with ease. The cab is designed to keep users comfortable, alert and safe with air conditioning, heated seats and air suspension. Under the hood, your Cummins engine has 162 horses ready to get the job done. When it comes to visibility, clear lines of sight and a backup camera will keep you at ease knowing that your employees – and your SANY roller – are safe on the job.

SANY Motor Grader SMG200C-8

Like our Compaction Roller, the SANY Motor Grader strikes the balance between value and performance. It’s operated with two joysticks, giving the operator finesse and control, and your cab will be climate-controlled, creating a comfortable working environment. You can expect great visibility on the moldboard and an intuitive design, as well as a rearview camera. You can’t ignore the 14’ blade, either. No matter the size of the job, you’re going to get it done.

Easy-to-Own Equipment

With our Compaction Roller and Motor Grader, we’ve sought to reduce extraneous controls, meaning there’s less to learn while keeping costs low at the same time. Both machines have a no-maintenance circle, which means your machine will perform at optimum levels while reducing any service needs. And if you do need service, SANY machines’ wide compartment doors and ground-level access make service quick and easy. Our nationwide network of service locations will make sure of that, too. Of course, both machines are backed with one of the best warranties in the industry: coverage for 5 years/5,000 hours. Get every penny of your machine’s worth without worrying about covering any machinery mishaps.

Get In The Driver’s Seat

Our road machines come with the same streak of service, excellence, and durability that you’ve grown to enjoy and expect in our heavier SANY equipment. Our durable machines bring ease of operation, outstanding performance, and speedy maintenance that will make a great addition to any rental or owner’s fleet. If you think you’re ready to add a SANY machine into your stable, contact us today.

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