How Much Machine Do You Need?

Excavators are incredible machines and can offer exceptional versatility on the jobsite, especially with the diverse range of attachments available on the market today. The right excavator can be a reliable workhorse that tackles even the toughest jobs or the most difficult ground conditions – but only if you have the right machine.

But how do you know how much machine you really need? SANY Fleet and Remarketing Manager Josh Peddycord helps outline what to keep in mind when selecting an excavator.

Knowing What You Need

First and foremost, deciding on the right excavator relies on understanding the needs you have. Even with all the ways to modify excavators with attachments for use in different capacities or on different projects, there are a few factors that cannot be changed.

“With any machine, there are going to be limitations,” said Peddycord. “To decide what size of machine will work best for you and your operation, you will have to evaluate what type of work you will be doing on a regular basis.”

If you’ll be doing deep digging work, for example, you’ll need a machine with a long reach and likely a greater bucket capacity. Do you need a lot of power? Then you’ll want to make sure the machine you choose has the horsepower to meet your demands. You may also need to select your excavator knowing that you have specific attachment requirements. Each of these aspects of a machine are difficult or impossible to change after the fact, so you’ll need to know these basic factors when evaluating your options.

SANY Excavator Line-up

Four Classes of Excavator

Excavators also come in a range of sizes to meet different demands, and at SANY New York, excavators are divided into four size classes – mini, compact, medium and large. Mini excavators are well-suited for small jobsites and projects and often used by landscapers, utility contractors and plumbers. Compact excavators offer a bit more power and capability for more extensive projects and are used more by residential home construction crews and concrete contractors, as well as in agricultural and farming operations.

Medium and large excavators are built to handle more heavy-duty work, and while they can still be found doing some of the same projects as their smaller cousins, they offer greater performance for larger projects. These machines can be put to work on pipeline installation, deep underground utility work, truck loading and mining operations.

“SANY is Tough Equipment for Tough Applications,” said Peddycord. “No matter the size of the job, SANY has got you covered.”

Customizable to Tackle Different Jobs

Versatility is also a big factor in selecting an excavator, and SANY New York also offers different options to meet different project needs. This includes two types of excavator configurations – conventional and zero/minimal tail swing. Conventional excavators feature a longer tail swing, which helps with maintaining stability on larger machines and are best-suited for projects that have more open space. For those working in tight areas or city environments, the zero/minimal tail swing models are more suited to maneuvering and operating in compact quarters while still handling the work you need to complete.SANY_Excavator_SY265CLR_side-view_

Some SANY machines are also offered with interchangeable stick lengths, such as the new SY265C Long Reach. This unit features an impressive 54’ reach and 43’ digging depth capability. This new variation on the popular SY265C offers more versatility for those who need to extend further or dig deeper on their jobsites while still offering incredible performance with the 190.4 HP Cummins diesel engine that offers 19,334 lbf of breakout force.

SANY excavators are equipped with standard fittings as well, meaning that most attachments will fit on a SANY machine without the need for extra fittings or adjustments. SANY New York also offers a variety of attachments straight from brands you trust like Paladin, Rockland and Okada.

Technology that Makes Work Easier

Excavators today are often loaded with technology, and SANY excavators are no different in that regard. Most operators consider what different features to include when comparing excavators, looking for the options that will work best for the work they expect to perform. When looking at SANY equipment, however, one big advantage that customers find is the wealth of standard equipment included on each machine that offers convenience for operators.

SANY-SY215“Virtually all SANY excavators come ready to go to work for you on day one with hard lines plumbed down the stick,” said Peddycord. “While much of the competition wants to offer you an ‘à la carte’ style for their options, SANY is an ‘all-inclusive’ style of machine, giving you what you need from the start.”

With these hydraulic connections included as a standard feature, swapping out the excavator bucket for a rotator, coupler, hammer, or other attachment can be done quickly and easily. The large frame excavators also offer the ability to have a second- or third-member shear easily. Plus, with the positive-flow hydraulic system, you can increase your overall working efficiency and save as much as 5% on operating costs. The advantages offered by SANY’s hydraulic connections on equipment literally helps save time and money.

SANY excavators also offer four standard work modes for operators to choose from that allow for performance to scale to match the needs of different jobs. Plus, the SANY Live telematics system provides real-time insight and information to operators to help adjust and optimize performance and reduce waste. Finally, SANY machines also offer reverse cameras as a standard feature, helping to keep everyone safe on the job.

No matter if you need a large or small machine, SANY New York’s line of excavators has you covered. Built with components from known and trusted names like Cummins, Kawasaki and Rexroth, SANY offers no-frills machines that are easy to operate and maintain while still offering a range of convenient features standard at no extra cost. Backed by the SANY industry-leading warranty – five years, 5,000 hours – SANY excavators are built from the ground up with you and your business in mind.

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