Construction Safety Week

In our profession, safety is paramount. Employees in this industry cannot be expected to work in an unsafe environment. A brand’s recognition and reputation rely on its vigilance and commitment to safe operation. And with social media, consumers are more informed of their preferred brands’ actions than ever before. Beyond state and federal regulations, what other workplace initiatives support safety in professions that use heavy machinery like ours at SANY New York? This is where Construction Safety Week (CSW) comes in.

Founded in 2014, Construction Safety Week aims to raise awareness for best safety practices among management and the workforce in construction – in their words, to create “a safer and stronger industry together.” It is supported by over 70 national and international construction firms serving as members and sponsors. Rather than letting profit take the forefront, Construction Safety Week affirms and supports the focus on safety and wellness in the construction industry, and SANY New York is happy to stand with them on this extremely important topic.

This year, Construction Safety Week will run from May 2nd through the 6th. This year’s theme is Connected, Supported, Safe, and each day of the week has a particular focus on safety issues affecting the industry. One issue that CSW is focusing on this year is the differences between hard hats and safety helmets and the benefits of switching. It’s an excellent reminder that innovation in our industry doesn’t stop at the bottom line. SANY, and other organizations like ours, are constantly looking for ways to ensure the safe operation of our equipment and the well-being of all clients and employees.

Participation in Construction Safety Week events are not limited simply to member or sponsor organizations. Businesses taking part may also choose to hold events or trainings or invite vendors to put on demonstrations for their employees during the week. CSW ends with a celebration honoring the team effort that goes into ensuring every employee’s safety on the job.


Mental Wellness

Safety goes far beyond just the physical aspect during Construction Safety Week. In addition to raising awareness for physical safety measures, CSW is also investing in the mental wellness of our industry’s workers. According to industry research, as many as 1 in 5 construction workers deal with mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. Their website has a page devoted solely to mental health resources and includes hotline numbers, toolkits, and English- and Spanish-language reading materials.


Culture of Safety

At its core, Construction Safety Week is about building what the organization calls a culture of safety. Workplace accidents can harm more than just the affected individual. They harm the injured worker’s livelihood and can place extra strain upon their family and finances. They can harm the reputation of the injured worker’s employer. And last, but certainly not least, they can deeply affect and even traumatize the team of the injured worker. When companies across the industry can share information and work together to create a safe and informed environment, the entire industry will benefit. SANY New York wishes all our employees and clients a happy and informative Construction Safety Week.

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