Getting into the Swing of Things: Boom Swing Excavators on the Jobsite

What’s the first thing you think of when someone says ‘excavators’? You’re probably thinking of earthmovers with giant buckets and enormous, mud-stained tire treads that beep loudly when they back up. We at SANY New York have those kinds of machines and then some, but today, we’re going to be examining machines that are a little smaller. They’re called boom swing excavators, and they’re key to making headway in tight spaces.

Defining Our Terms

What is a boom swing excavator? As mentioned above, it’s on the smaller end of construction equipment, but it still manages to pack a punch. The name refers to the way the boom is connected to a swing frame, allowing it to pivot beneath the cab. Its versatility is unbeatable, with the ability to dig to the left, right and center of the cab without needing to reposition.

As you can imagine, the possibilities on the jobsite for such a compact machine are unlimited. Its maneuverability simply can’t be beat. Need to dig right next to a building without damaging the exterior or the machine? With a boom swing excavator, you can get as close as you need without worrying about collateral damage. And many of SANY’s boom swing excavators feature reduced- or zero-tail sizes, reducing the machine’s footprint even further. With their small size and lighter weight, their rubber tracks won’t disturb any surfaces they cover, either. Given the boom swing’s small size, transportation is a breeze, too. Forget about little orange flags, ‘Wide Load’ signs and directing traffic – many of SANY’s boom swing excavators can be loaded onto trailers for quick and easy transport.

Operator Experience

When it comes to operator experience, like any fully loaded SANY machine, you’re in for a treat. With smooth, hydraulic-powered controls and quick, responsive feedback, the boom swing excavator allows operators to really engage with whatever they’re moving for precise and efficient work.

When it comes to the cab itself, operators will enjoy HVAC, air-ride heated seats and even Bluetooth in a surprisingly spacious cab. Depending on the model, you can also choose between an enclosed or canopy cab. Should issues arise, diagnostics on the in-cab monitor will alert users quickly.

Like all SANY machines, our boom swing excavators have excellent safety features. In addition to our standard driving alarms and backup cameras, you can expect bright LED lights to aid in low-light conditions. In the event of an emergency, a ground-accessible cutoff switch can be activated quickly.

Maintenance? It’s no sweat for our boom swing excavators. Like all SANY machines, they’re populated by quality parts from manufacturers like Yanmar, Rexroth and Kawasaki – parts that are easy to source and replace. And if that should happen, your SANY machine will be covered by our industry-best 5-year/5,000-hour warranty. You can expect an unbeatable ROI, too.

Fully Loaded for Your Business

We hope that this blog has given you a little insight into another of the many fully loaded machines we have available at SANY New York. If you need a SANY boom swing excavator in your stable, whether renting or owning, contact us today.

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